Long-serving Waikato MP Lindsay Tisch will leave Parliament after next year's election.

Mr Tisch, a former National Party president and who became an MP in 1999, has announced he will not seek the National Party nomination for his Waikato electorate next year.

Waikato is a safe National seat, with Mr Tishch having one of the largest majorities in the country when he won the seat by 16,169 votes in 2014.

"I feel very privileged to have served and represented the constituents of the Waikato and to promote the region as a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It has given me great satisfaction and a sense of achievement," Mr Tisch said.


"I am particularly pleased that the policies I advocated for in Opposition have come to fruition," Mr Tisch said.

"I promoted simplification of provisional tax to help small businesses. As tourism spokesperson I also promoted a convention centre for Auckland. I am delighted to now see these progressed."

Mr Tisch said he was also proud to be the local MP when the Waikato Expressway was constructed, which had improved the local economy and road safety.

In 2008 Mr Tisch was appointed as a Presiding Officer of Parliament.

"I have been particularly pleased to have been able to operate within the sphere of the institution of Parliament, and to have had input into Speakers Rulings and Standing Orders," Mr Tisch said.