The 5-year-old boy hospitalised after being attacked by four dogs will be going home today, a Gisborne hospital spokeswoman confirmed.

Calais suffered multiple bite wounds and was taken to Gisborne Hospital in a serious condition shortly after he had arrived in a Gisborne property about 1pm on Saturday, police said.

It is understood they are American Staffordshire bull terrier crosses.

Family members accompanied him in an ambulance to hospital where he underwent surgery on Saturday.


A police spokesman confirmed yesterday, the owner of the dogs would be charged with growing cannabis and possession of explosives - ammunition. It is understood the man did not have a firearms licence.

The spokesman said all charges were made after police were called to the Gisborne house over the attack.

He would also be charged with owning a dog that causes injury, and at least three of the four dogs had been ordered to be put down.

A Gisborne Council spokeswoman said only one of the four dogs was registered and the owner did not have a permit to keep more than one dog at the address.

Three of the dogs have been signed over by the owner to be destroyed this week.

The fourth dog would remain in the Gisborne pound until the court has made a decision.

Anyone with more than one dog as a pet needed to apply for a permit and have their property inspected by animal control officers.