A driver who sped through roadworks and pulled the finger at police told them "if you don't have a photo, you don't have any proof" when they found him the next day.

Photographic proof aside, Chey Thompson pleaded guilty in Whanganui District Court to dangerous driving and failing to stop.

He was spotted speeding on SH3 on May 23, and police turned around to pull him over.
Thompson fled, entering a roadworks area and continuing to speed until getting caught behind a truck and trailer.

Thompson overtook the truck and continued driving away from police, "even when police pulled alongside for a short period of time", police prosecutor Sergeant Stephen Butler told the court.


He then got caught behind another vehicle and was forced to brake hard before passing the vehicle on its left side.

Police stood down from the pursuit.

Thompson continued on, failing to stop for a road closure and speeding through more roadworks, going about 140km/h and passing other traffic on the left, as well as "at one stage giving a stationary constable the finger".

Police found him at home two days later.

Defence lawyer Harete Hipango said the 18-year-old was "adrenaline pumped" during the chase.

Judge David Cameron called it "very blatant offending".

He fined Thompson $750, $130 court costs, and disqualified him from driving for nine months.