There was a time when Northlanders were being warned regularly of the dangers of P, or methamphetamine.

This past week we have been reminded of the foothold this drug has.

For what was at least the second time in as many months, a young mum was jailed for dealing P.

No one will state it outright, but it is unlikely that these two young ladies were sourcing raw materials, manufacturing P and selling it in some sort of illegal cottage industry.


These young women provide a profitable buffer between the buyers and the suppliers.

By being at least one step removed from the purchaser, the supplier uses the dealer to avoid going to jail.

And if one goes down, another can be found. And another.

There is a trend of young women being used to sell the drug. One wonders what they get in return. P for their own use, cash, P to sell? Whatever it is, they make the poor judgement that the risk is worth it. Sadly, today we also report on the people who are using P, or methamphetamine.

Specifically, a man who raped a 3-year-old while completely out of it on P.

The story will disgust many of our readers - it is a terrible, graphic example of the hideous damage this drug has caused in our community. Police and community leaders don't exaggerate when they talk about how awful this drug is.

On Sunday, in Whangarei, there will be a March for Moko. It is part of a national series of marches being organised after the death of Taupo toddler Moko Rangitoheriri at the hands of his caregivers. Moko's death has led to the cry "Not One More Child" - a passionate, worthy message. Moko was 3. So was the little girl raped by this P-fuelled monster.

We cannot tell you her name, her identity is protected. We can't tell you the rapist's name, either - it is feared he will be killed if he is identified.

On Sunday, if you are thinking of Moko, think of the wee Northland girl as well. And try not to spare a thought for the bastard who raped her.