When one is asked to perform a private show for royalty, one doesn't say no.

The New Zealand Army Band put on a concert for the Queen and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle near London this week.

The Kiwi musicians are in England to put on marching displays at the 2016 Royal Windsor Horse Show and the Queen's 90th birthday pageant.

But the monarch, who enjoyed watching the band when they performed at the 2012 horse show and her diamond jubilee pageant, was unable to attend the Royal Windsor this year.


So, she requested a show of her own.

"We were escorted up to Windsor Castle and performed on the front lawn, finishing the display just metres from the Queen and Prince Philip, who were seated under a tree," said Major Graham Hickman, the band's director of music.

"After the performance, they both chatted informally with the band for a few minutes. This was an unprecedented highlight for us and the troops were elated by the experience."

On top of the private royal audience and horse show appearance, the band are performing a marching display at the birthday pageant every evening until Sunday. They will return hom on Monday.