Nelson Police are trying to confirm a sighting of a female hitch-hiker in the Richmond area today as the search for missing Wakefield woman Rachel Stokes continues.

Ms Stokes' car was found crashed on State Highway 6 near Kawatiri Junction on Friday morning sparking a major ground and air search.

Property belonging to her was also found in the Mangles Valley near Murchison, Fairfax reported.

The search, now in its third day, has so far failed to find any trace of the 46-year-old.


Today a member of the public reported a sighting of a female hitch-hiker along Gladstone Rd, heading northbound towards Richmond, near the Goldpine shops.

The female carried a black shoulder bag with a long strap over her shoulder.

A Southern Communications police spokesman said police wanted to identify the woman in the hopes she may hold information regarding Ms Stokes.

Police have asked for anyone who may have seen or picked up the woman to contact them.