If you're about to cross railway tracks, take out your headphones, look both ways and make sure there's no train coming from the other direction.

Today a new rail safety campaign is being launched in Auckland as more trains are introduced on the Western Line.

During peak times, trains will be operating every 10 minutes in both directions between Britomart and Swanson.

TrackSafe, a rail safety trust, says it is important to tell children how to be safe around train tracks.


"We want them to understand that if the bells and lights are operating, then they must wait for them to stop before crossing the tracks and always look in both directions for trains," said Megan Drayton, manager of the trust.

"If a train has passed and the lights and bells are still operating then there's a high chance there will be a second train coming from the other direction."

Ms Drayton strongly advised people to remove headphones and not use mobile phones anywhere near railway tracks because using technology and being distracted near railway tracks places them at "enormous risk".

"Trains are very quiet, they travel a lot faster than they appear and they can't stop in a hurry to avoid something on the tracks.

"Trains always have the legal right of way as well."

The new safety campaign Trust Me is being launched today by Auckland Transport, KiwiRail and TrackSAFE NZ to raise awareness about safe behaviour around tracks and trains and to encourage safe behaviour.

As well as mainstream advertising and social media promotion, direct mail is being sent to residents near the Western Line. There will also be ambassadors handing out safety information next week at a number of pedestrian crossings on the Western line.

• For more information about safe behaviour around tracks and trains, and this campaign, see Tracksafe.co.nz.