Rotorua man Ian White has been described as a "colourful character" and a "lovely guy who wouldn't hurt a fly".

Mr White, 58, was found dead at his Peace St home on Tuesday.

An autopsy was carried out yesterday but police say it may be some time before the results can be confirmed. His death is being treated as suspicious and police are continuing their investigations.

Musicians Noel Lamberton, Gray Bartlett and Brendan Dugan spoke to the Rotorua Daily Post about Mr White who was connected to them through his career as a tour manager.


Mr Lamberton said he had known Mr White for many years.

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"He was a lovely guy who wouldn't hurt a fly. He moved to Australia for some time and then came back to Rotorua to look after his sick mother. He cared for her until her last dying breath - he was very good to her."

Mr Dugan said he hadn't seen Mr White for roughly 20 years but remembered him being a "very lovable sort of guy".

"He was the manager for the 1990 Together Again national tour which was the most successful Kiwi tour in history. He did a fantastic job-he was very good at what he did.

"He called me about a year ago just to say hi, that was the last time I spoke to him."
Mr Bartlett said although he had not seen Mr White for a number of years, it was "always a shame when someone you work with or toured with passes away".

"I knew him in the mid to late 80s, I was the one who dragged him into doing tour managing. The 1990 Together Again tour he managed saw huge success. After that I lost touch with him but I did bump into him in Newmarket about five years

"The best way to describe Ian is interesting. He has always been a colourful character."