The New Zealand Fire Service has this evening joined in the running man challenge laid down by New Zealand Police.

The service took to Facebook with a video of a crew dancing to "My Boo" by the Ghost Town DJs and performing the running man moves.

In the slightly naughty clip, a group of crew members climb out of a fire truck in full uniform and begin to dance. One crew member grabs a chainsaw while another brings a pole onto the dance floor and proceeds to pole dance.

The clip was accompanied by the caption: "Hey NZ Police Recruitment, you didn't think we'd let the cops have all the fun did you?"


The Fire Service also laid out their own running man challenge to crews across Australia, the UK and Scotland.

Source: Youtube / Police Scotland

Included were: Fire and Rescue NSW, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority, SA Country Fire Service, Tasmania Fire Service, New York City Fire Department, London Fire Brigade and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Not so subtly the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue were excluded from the challenge.

The exclusion mirrors the challenge laid by New Zealand Police which excluded Northern Territory Police.

Source: Northern Territory Police

The video has already been viewed over 7000 times and had garnered over 1000 likes and 400 shares on Facebook.