The SPCA have offered a $1000 reward to anyone who can help identify a person responsible for shooting a dog multiple times in the head and body and leaving it for dead on Anzac day.

The dog, a black and white crossbred, was found alive near Chamberlains Ford, Leeston by a family passing by who brought it to a vet. It was then transferred into the care of the SPCA Canterbury.

An X-ray revealed the animal had been shot multiple times in the head and body and its jaw had been shattered by bullet fragments.

SPCA Canterbury chief executive, Barry Helem, said the dog was in a lot of pain and a decision to put it down due to the severity of its injuries was made. "This poor dog was left to suffer in considerable pain and distress before being discovered," he said.


He said the dog may have been lying in pain for hours or even days before he was found.

Nothing is known about the dog's background except for a red collar which it was wearing.

"We have no evidence at all to go on, there was no microchip, no registration tag, [nothing] except for a red collar. Hopefully someone will recognise the dog and get in touch with us."

It is believed a rifle may have been used to shoot the dog. Mr Helem said there had been a considerable increase in animal abuse cases in the past 12 months, particularly against dogs.

"Particularly an increase in dog beatings. We had a successful court case.. where someone was sentenced because of ill treatment of dogs. We have had a number of those examples in the post 12 months and that is a bit of a worry trend for us.

"The long term solution is education and trying to change the minority in the community that need to develop empathy and respect for animals. That really does come down to education and really targeted education."