Owners of a Hastings gym are inviting the person who hurled a brick through their window yesterday morning to come back, join up and turn their life around.

Te Timatanga Ararau trust member Heather Skipworth, who manages Iron Maori Gym, learned the building had been broken into just before she hit the road for a South Island holiday.

It was a heavy, solid brick which was hurled through the window of the Orchard Rd building, sending glass shards flying.

Thankfully, the office area was left untouched, but the sound system which injects that extra bit of energy into a workout was stolen.


Another trustee, Lee Grace, who is holding the fort while Mrs Skipworth is away, said the system was worth about $4000.

"I would say that they knew what they were after."

He said while there was a back-up in storage, waking up to the incident was not a good way to start the week.

Mr Grace was woken by an early morning phone call from the security company after the silent alarm was activated.

When he arrived at the scene a couple of police cars were there, as well as a dog unit.

Security had arrived at the gym within six minutes of the silent alarm being activated, but the offenders had already scarpered.

Mr Grace said he had no inkling as to who might be responsible. It was the first time the gym had been targeted.

Cyclists who fronted up for their 6am spin class yesterday were turned away, but classes had now resumed.

Mr Grace said their aim was to stay positive and continue doing good things within the community.

"It would be the best outcome if we got the gear back and we started to work with whoever [it was]."

Mrs Skipworth told Hawke's Bay Today that while she was a little angry about the break-in, she would like to "turn a negative into a positive".

She offered whoever broke into the premises an opportunity to come back and join the gym so they could turn their life around.