A man who sparked a police hunt in Hastings yesterday politely asked a woman if he could hide out at her house.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, said the man casually came into her Akina, Hastings, home shortly after 2pm.

"He just came walking in ... I just looked at him, stunned, and he said that he was being chased by police."

The woman told the man he would be better off handing himself in.


"I said 'It would be far worse if you're chased and they find you'."

The woman said he was polite and addressed her as ma'am.

"He asked me for pepper to throw off the smell for the dogs.

"I only had a little bit ... he put it on the back step, then he asked if he could hide out here until it all died down."

The woman wasn't too keen on a runaway roommate.

"I went out the front and he said 'Don't say I'm here, ma'am'."

The woman then saw a cop and tried to signal to him.

"He was talking to someone and then he yelled at me to get back inside.

"I was signalling that he was in my house but he kept yelling at me."

Finally a dog handler came past and he asked if she had seen anyone.

"I said 'Yeah, he's in my house'. Then I walked across the road and my heart pounded and I had the shakes."

Senior Sergeant David Sutherland said the man was wanted in relation to a stolen car.

"We arrested two individuals, one at the stolen car and another at an address not far away."

They were wanted and were now facing dishonesty charges.

The woman has resided on the Hastings street for nearly 16 years.

"I've experienced nothing like this before."