A prominent New Zealander accused of molesting two girls has called the pair liars.

In a series of terse exchanges with the Crown this afternoon, the man repeatedly denied any indecent contact with the two teens.

"I'm saying I haven't done these things . . . I don't think I can be more clear about that," the defendant told the court.

"If that means what they're saying is lies, then they're lies."


The man, whose name suppressed, is on trial before the High Court in Whangarei facing 12 counts of doing an indecent act on two girls, including allegations of touching their breasts, buttocks, groin and thighs.

Sweeping suppression orders also cover the identity of the complainants and the location of the alleged offending.

The man accepted he massaged both girls but consistently rejected assertions that his hands wandered to intimate areas of their bodies.

"I appreciate you've gone through and denied things," Crown prosecutor Brian Dickey said.

"I just want to put the proposition to you that there were times in the way the girls have explained that you did take the opportunity to touch them inappropriately or in bad ways."

The defendant rejected the accusation "categorically".

Mr Dickey pressed him further.

"These girls, I want to suggest to you aren't - frankly in any way, shape or form - sophisticated or would put you in it for something you haven't done. It's simply speaking about quite traumatic events in their lives," he said.

"They're wrong. I'm telling you I haven't done those things," the defendant responded.

"What they're saying is not just wrong . . . it's lies. They have their reasons for it, I'm sure."

Crown prosecutor Brian Dickey asked him whether he had the chance to sexually abuse the girls had he wanted to.

"You can create an opportunity. What I'm saying is the facts are it didn't happen," the defendant said.

The defendant spent nearly the entire day in the witness box staunchly denying the allegations against him.

Contrary to those accusations, he said it was the complainants who had initiated the massages and they were always done in the presence of others.

"She'd lift her foot and waggle it around," he said of the older girl.

"Did you go anywhere near her breasts?" Defence lawyer Arthur Fairley asked.

"No certainly not," the man said.

"Did you thrust your penis into her?"

"No, absolutely not."

The younger complainant made more extensive allegations against the well-known man but he said there was only ever one foot massage that took place and a brief neck rub.

Mr Fairley said the defence witnesses would affect the case "dramatically", the remainder of whom will give evidence tomorrow.

"What he is saying is that at no stage was there ever indecent contact with either complainant. And that's the nub of it," he said.

"They say yes, he says no."

The defence case is expected to conclude tomorrow with closing addresses to take place next week.