This is Tony's 21st year as a journalist which explains the grey hairs and expanding waistline! Much to the surprise of most, Tony's initial passion was not sport, but politics.

He would listen to his transistor radio every night as talk back fired up over the issues of the day. His dream was a flawed one, to be president of the United States! That led him to majoring at University in Australia in politics. He spent eleven years in Australia, but is quick to point out, he is NOT bloody Australian!

Since the days of fronting TVNZ's Sports News, Game of Two Halves and hosting the Radio Sport brekky show, sport has become his passion, perhaps even an obsession.

It's taken Tony all over the world, to multiple rugby world cups, two Olympic Games and Cricket tours of the U.K.


Tony says he perfectly fits the stereotype of the the guy who wanted to play sport professionally but never had the ability nor the height, hence the next best thing, talking about it.

Despite his love of all things sport, Veitchy, as he's affectionately known, is not your typical bloke. He runs to Katy Perry, has been known to tear up at the end of 'Love Actually' and despite having worked in a hardware store for six years, he can't fix a thing! Just as well he can talk.