In the early 2000s there was a campaign regarding drivers who had excessive smoke emanating from their vehicles and a free phone number to call and dob them in but it seems as though this has fallen by the wayside. What can be done about this now?

- Tim Arcus, Auckland.

According to the police website, it is an offence for a vehicle to omit a stream of smoke or vapour for more than 10 seconds. It carries an instant fine of $150. Vehicles need to pass an exhaust emissions test as part of a Warrant of Fitness. To report a smoky vehicle, call *555 from a cellphone. For more on NZ vehicle emissions standards, go to
What is happening on Symonds St northbound near Khyber Pass - they seem to be narrowing it, meaning buses will now be half in the road when stopping there?
- Quentin Bennett, Auckland.

I cannot find anything specific about this stretch of Symonds St, unless the work was part of the increase in bus lanes and cycleways around the city, which I suspect it is. In the course of my investigation, however, I found a most useful Auckland Transport website. Under the title "Projects and Roadworks", it list all disruptions to traffic and transport systems around the city, and seems to be kept up-to-date.


We drive a diesel ute and a petrol car, which when we fuel up, we pay a percentage of road tax. These hybrid / electric cars, do they pay extra for registration or a RUC to cover road tax when driving on electric motors?
- Miles Hayward, Auckland.

According to the updated Road User Charge (RUC) Regulations, which came into force on July 1 2014, light electric RUC vehicles whose motive power is wholly or partly from an external source of electricity are exempt from charges. This exemption expires in June 2020. Hybrid vehicles use a combination of petrol or diesel engine, a battery and an electric motor.

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