McDonald's is giving away 100,000 apples while it trials a new Happy Meal.

The 12-restaurant, nine-week trial starts today and will include a free New Zealand royal gala apple in all Happy Meals. Parents will also be able to choose the option of yoghurt as a side and organic milk as a beverage option.

"This trial is about offering New Zealand families more choices for their children and to gauge how we can continue to evolve the Happy Meal," McDonald's New Zealand managing director Patrick Wilson said.

"Including an apple for free, and adding new side and drink options in the trial will give us a good read on what direction we can take with Happy Meals going forward."


McDonald's has made several changes to the Happy Meal in recent years, including healthier drink and side options as well as swapping toys for half a million children's books during its annual book promotion.

Assuming the trial is successful, McDonald's will roll out the new Happy Meal to all restaurants, keeping the free fruit as a permanent addition.