A quivering bundle of puppy with soft fur and sad eyes has been transformed by Southern Rangitikei Vets.

The four-week-old arrived at the Bulls vet practice three weeks ago.

Staff member Tracy Hutchinson said the tiny pup "became a star of social media" after being rescued from the side of the road in Auckland suffering shock and a badly broken right front leg.

She said that earlier the pup had "lain on the road side in agony" while its owner tried to decide what to do.


"The puppy obviously needed vet attention but the owner couldn't afford the fees."

A passerby phoned animal rescuer Golnaz Bassam-Tabar who sped to the scene and persuaded the owner to let her take the pup to the emergency vets.

The owner decided the only thing to do was have the pup put down because treatment would have cost $1000 for overnight at the vets then a further $3000 to $4000 to fix the leg.

But Bassam-Tabar persuaded the owner to give the pup to her, Hutchinson said.

Bassam-Tabar and husband Mike Angove immediately posted the puppy's story on Facebook and very quickly offers of money started pouring in, she said.

Angove decided because his dad Dave Angove was a vet in Bulls he'd send the pup down there for surgery. Then suddenly into the mix came pet insurance company Pet-n-sur who said they would pay to fly the pup, now named Precious, to Palmerston North.

"One of the vets went over and collected her. And as soon as we all saw her we all fell in love."

Dave Angove performed the surgery but instead of leaving her at the animal hospital to recover he took her home, Hutchinson said.

And little Precious, who is now a very personable bigger puppy, is adored by all when she comes in every day with Dave Angove.

Dave Angove would love to keep her but as he already has four dogs his wife said no, Hutchinson said.

"So young Precious is up for a new home. But it needs to be a very special home for a very special dog."