A group of singing protesters who were supposed to be dressed as sex toys, ended up looking like earless pink rabbits, and a man breaks his leg while jumping from a runaway dump truck. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

The friendly ghost of "Dildo Baggins" haunted John Key during his Town Basin visit when a group of singing protesters serenaded him from a boat. They were supposed to be dressed as sex toys, but there was little offensive about the group's garb which looked more like earless pink rabbit suits.

A man breaks his leg jumping from a runaway dump truck on the rail line between Westmere and Whanganui yesterday.

A dedicated music teacher has had her dream realised after a three-year mission to bring music to low decile Hawke's Bay schools.


Thousands are being spent on replacing walking frames, crutches and wheelchairs missing from Tauranga Hospital, and health authorities have concerns the lost gear could have health implications for patients.

The cost of staging the Featherston Camp exhibition at Aratoi has been revealed to cost an estimated $245,350.