The police are in the gun over the high rate of unsolved burglaries.

The national resolution rate for 2015 was just 9.3 per cent. Across New Zealand 59,845 burglaries logged last year went unsolved, an average of 164 a day.

These statistics show that the odds are with the crooks. Burglars have little chance of being "nicked". Life is good if you're a professional burglar right now - but I don't blame the cops.

The statistics can be misleading. A lot of these so-called burglaries are more like petty theft cases. Police have to prioritise. The cops resources are so thin on the ground they can only chase the more serious burglaries.


I suspect that there are more burglary type offences than the statistics show. People don't report minor burglaries because they know nothing much will happen. The only reason a lot of these burglaries are reported to police is for insurance purposes. Police have limited resources, that is a political issue, and the crooks know it.

Listen: Judith Collins speaks to Newstalk ZB's Larry Williams about burglaries

To top it all off, we have weak-kneed judges setting these professional burglars free to carry-on with business.

And by the way - the police are being criticised for Friday's balcony collapse in Dunedin. Why? The belief is that the police could have somehow prevented the incident by closing down the impromptu concert.

However the concert was not in a public place, and Police Association President Greg O'Connor says police officers tried to warn people off the balconies, but in this instance, the "Police had no power to do anything".

It's not too hard to work out too many people were on the balcony. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but you can't legislate for stupidity. Blaming the cops is silly.

Landcorp drops plan

State-owned farmer Landcorp has dropped a plan to turn forestry blocks into dairy farms in the Waikato.

The state-owned farmer is now looking for alternative uses for more than 14,000 hectares of former forestry land leased from Wairakei Pastoral near Taupo.

The original plan for 39 diary farms will be significantly reduced.

Landcorp got nervous over the environmental issues around the dairy farms.

The Wairakei Estate currently comprises of 13 dairy farms with 17,000 cows over 6,400 hectares. Just imagine the environmental impact of another 39 dairy farms - it would have been enormous. You'd have to be crazy spending tens of millions on developing dairy farms right now. There's such a glut of milk around the globe, and prices to match.

Landcorp are going in this new direction of developing new products such as sheep milk, which would require new farm systems. Why?

It has always defied logic that the taxpayer should be the largest farmer in the country.

It's not as if Landcorp is bringing in truck loads of money to the Governments coffers. Landcorp is a non-profitable business. It's just reported a net operating loss of $8.9 million in the six months ended December 31.

The Government should flog the lot off - at a tidy profit of course.

Send out the TPP clowns

The people dressed as clowns who were kicked out of the TPP information roadshow in Auckland say they're not the jokers here.

Four people blew balloons and bubbles and honked horns as New Zealand's trade negotiator David Walker talked to a crowd of around 300 about the deal this morning.

Braithwaite Broccoli was one of the clowns - and says it's the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement that's a joke, not them.

He was escorted out by police, and served a trespass notice.

No, no, no, Mr Broccoli, or whatever your name is, the only clowns were those evicted. The clowns who were evicted didn't have the smarts to raise their so-called concerns in a respectful way.

It is the Ssame as the idiots who blocked the motorways. They are devoid of any rationale argument.

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