An elderly Hamilton woman was killed instantly after losing control of her car in her driveway, speeding off and driving it through her neighbour's fence.

Police confirmed the woman died in the crash this afternoon in Willowfield Pl, Pukete.

A plasterer, who declined to be named, was working in a house across the road when he heard a loud bang.

He and another neighbour ran out to see what happened and found the woman's car on its roof in a driveway.


He went to try and help the woman but said it was clear from the severity of her injuries that she was dead.

Police serious crash unit officers have finished marking out the scene, showing how she has pulled out of her driveway three doors down and for some reason lost control as the car has left the driveway.

The accident took place in Willowfield Pl, Pukete. Photo / Belinda Feek
The accident took place in Willowfield Pl, Pukete. Photo / Belinda Feek

Scuff marks show she may have put her foot on the accelerator and then struggled to retain control of the car which has been driven round in a half circle shape, mounting a kerb, wiping out a rubbish bin, before heading through a fence and flipping, landing on its roof.

The car has since been removed from the scene.

The plasterer said the scene wasn't a nice one to witness and felt sorry for two young gym workers had been out delivering flyers on the street when they also the woman in her vehicle.

"They shouldn't have seen what they've seen. It wasn't nice."