When asking for a cup of tea in cafes, I note the unhygienic practice many have of carrying the milk jug inside the cup. A small narrow tray will accommodate teapot, cup and milk jug very easily.


A big thank you to the people who came to my wife's aid when she fell and broke her arm on the way to the lantern festival last Saturday: to the person who gave a bottle of ice to put on her arm, the ladies who did all the phoning and the St John ladies who took her to the hospital.



Work on the City Rail Link means lots of buses now depart from outside the AA building on Albert St. You would think the City Convenience store there would become a Hop retailer ... but there isn't a machine available and they don't seem to have any plans to get one.


I was at Takapuna Beach at the weekend watching the waka-ama races and was so very impressed by the Pacific Islanders, Maori, Tahitian, Polynesian, Hawaiian and Pakeha, all ages, young, older, and all fit and raring to go! A great day was had by all.


To the people who slashed the tyres on the West Auckland Response Team's vehicle while they were training: I hope you don't need their help in the future.


Thank you to the man who drove alongside us on Great South Rd, Takanini, on Sunday and indicated that we were trailing our boat tie-down. It was much appreciated.

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