Police are investigating after a young woman told them a man tried to steal her iPod as she listened to it while dozing in her car - as three young children waited for him.

The woman, wrote about the allegedly brazen daylight attempted theft on the Botany Town Centre Facebook page on Sunday and posted a picture of the alleged offender.

"If any of you go to Botany Town Centre often or live around there, read this. This morning around 10, my mum and I drove down to Botany Town Centre. I was being lazy cause I had a late night and an early morning so I stayed in the car to take a nap. My mum opened my window for me so I wouldn't suffocate, and left to buy stuff.

"I had my earphones in, iPod resting on my stomach, the seat was down and I had my sweet as new sunnies on. A while after I had dozed off, I woke up, opening my eyes. A person was standing right outside my window, their hand INSIDE THE CAR REACHING FOR MY IPOD."


She initially assumed it was her mother, the woman wrote.

"But when I realized my little Asian mother probably wouldn't be wearing a red Chicago Bulls basketball singlet, I bolted up and the man quickly withdrew his hand and speed-walked away."

After calling her mother, the pair found the alleged thief's car -- in which three young children were inside -- parked near their own. The man became abusive, before driving away, the woman wrote.

They were able to take of a photo of the car, and Counties Manukau police spokeswoman Shelley Nahr confirmed today police are investigating.

The woman warned friends to be careful about locking doors and closing windows in their cars.

"You always hear about these things happening, but never expect them to happen to you."