Listen to Larry Williams now on Newstalk ZB, 4pm to 7pm. Today he looks at the latest in the Bain compensation claim, the war against Isis and Auckland mayoral candidates.

The judge looking at David Bain's compensation claim has found it doesn't meet the legal threshold.

Judge Callinan reasoned Bain is not innocent beyond reasonable doubt. In order to meet the legal threshold for compensation, the judge had to find "exceptional circumstances" and he didn't.

The process hasn't been bungled at all. Judge Binnie's review of the case was flawed, which meant that another judge had to look at it.

As for Act's David Seymour accusing the Government of "leaking" the report, Mr Seymour is usually more astute than this. It's wild speculation that he can't back up - and it just doesn't make sense.


The Government had nothing to gain from leaking the report and the notion is preposterous.

NZ's contribution in Isis fight

The Government has rejected a request by the United States to send SAS troops to the Middle East.

I believe this is a mistake. In case Prime Minister John Key has missed it, there is a war going on against Isis and we have an obligation to be in that fight.

Training the Iraqis doesn't cut it in the fight against Isis. The SAS will rightly be peeved off at this decision. They don't sign up to play war games back here.

Boosting the beach pledge

Gareth Morgan, bless him, was having a bit of a laugh over the Able Tasman Beach campaign.

His offer to top up the Give-A-Little campaign was designed to boost pledges. He knew that there would be a backlash if he was involved, more so when he wanted exclusivity on the cheap.


Morgan was right and the pledges poured in, and we await the outcome of the tender.

Seems to me that the property will go for more than $2 million - not that I think it is worth it.

Auckland mayor candidates

Auckland mayoral candidates had their first hit-up in front of the public but nothing much of substance came out of it.

Sure there's a bunch of candidates, but right now Phil Goff will romp in - even if he can't work up the courage to cut loose from Labour ideology.

Goff is up against minnows. The centre-right candidate I'm told is Victoria Crone, but I have no idea what she stands for beyond politic-speak cliches.

Then you have the numpties, like rates defaulter Penny Bright - who in my opinion is a sideshow who should be banned from running.

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Newstalk ZB radio host Larry Williams. Photo / Michael Craig
Newstalk ZB radio host Larry Williams. Photo / Michael Craig