The Queen St exotic trees look stunning. Sadly the 47 nikau palms, which cost $454,000, look half-dead. Tree experts predicted this but were ignored by the council.


I would like to thank Jim, from Maraetai, who found my dog's collar with name and registration tag attached in the water at Omana Beach at the weekend. He not only called me but went the extra distance to deliver it. Much appreciated.



Around 11am, Saturday morning, Takapuna beach, hundreds enjoying the sun and sea, the ugliest launch you have ever seen steams along parallel to the beach about 3m INSIDE the yellow 5-knot buoys at about 15km/h before veering out past swimmers. Harbour-master, please take note.


I would like to thank Ritchies for putting on the double-decker, air-conditioned buses for the Northern Express. We are so lucky with our Northern Express service and busway. Also, the great bus drivers who drive us safely to and from work each day. A big thank you. It makes coming over the bridge a pleasant experience.


Why do so many cafes persist with the pointless, wasteful practice of wrapping cutlery in dampened paper serviettes? The serviette has either turned to pulp or dried into a stiff sheath that must be torn apart. Please, just give me a knife and a fork, and something dry on which to wipe my fingers.


Thanks to a group of young women at Milford Reserve on Saturday. Our lovely homemade pizzas were eaten by pigeons while we were swimming so our picnic was looking very sad! Some of the girls in the group celebrating a hen party brought over lots of wonderful welcome food for us. Thank you!


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