A report that cleared police handling a case where schoolboys stupefied girls then posted lewd photos on social media is to stay secret.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is refusing to release the official document that examined how police handled the case dubbed Roast Busters 2, despite finding the investigation was handled in an exemplary manner.

It is being denied on the grounds of a secrecy provision available in legislation.

The investigation was sparked after the Herald on Sunday highlighted concerns of a senior secondary school educator who was appalled a group of schoolboys were not charged after young girls were plied with alcohol then photographed with genitalia dangling in their faces. The compromising pictures were uploaded to a private Facebook page.


The authority investigated how police handled the case after three people laid complaints.

In a press release yesterday the authority praised detectives for the way the inquiry was managed saying it was robust and thorough, and that all available offences were properly considered.

But New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin said the authority was hiding behind a secrecy provision and called for the release the full report, not just a press release.

"It's appalling that the Independent Police Conduct Authority has refused to produce a public report on police actions in a case in which girls were apparently deliberately intoxicated by young males and lewd photographs posted online," said Mrs Martin.

"It says the investigation by police was robust and thorough - if so, then the authority should reveal just how it was done. They could do this and protect the identity of those involved."

She said the authority should explain why no charges were laid and why the male students were only given a warning.