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As I walked north across Beach Rd from Fort St in the CBD, half-way across with five seconds left on the pedestrian light, a car came out of Fort St and drove across in front of me, heading east on Beach Rd. You can't let down your guard even on a pedestrian light any more. I'm lucky this maniac driver didn't hit me.


Thanks to the iwi of Tamaki Collective and Ateed for the beacon of light atop Rangitoto. An inspired installation which looked bold and bright one night, and changing and mystical the next as the clouds passed over.



Some people drive onto the motorway and go straight to the middle lane, going at 87km/h. They drive along, ignorant of all the vehicles passing them on the left, and pull over only about 500m before the exit, annoying more people! In New Zealand, we not only drive on the left-hand side of the road but we are supposed to keep to the left.


I finally worked out how to interpret Auckland Transport's Journey Planner thanks to Sam, who so patiently walked me through the process. Thanks, Sam - I will be on prescribed bus in the morning!


Beware of the "ghost denters" in the Botany K-Mart parking area. We parked at K-Mart, did our shopping then came back to a big dent on the front passenger side.

Annoyed shopper

A big thanks to the guy in the dark saloon car who not only helped push my car to the side of the road when it broke down in a middle lane on Tamaki Drive in the morning rush hour but also came back and towed me to a nearby garage.