How do you make a Kiwi? Take a big dollop of friendliness, a generous pour of pride, a huge lump of a "can-do" attitude, a healthy dose of passion for the environment and equal parts of determination.

But if you're hoping to make an Aucklander specifically, the recipe is a little different, new research has found.

Ahead of Waitangi Day, Colmar Brunton has released survey data about how New Zealanders perceive the attributes and beliefs that shape our country and what it means to be a Kiwi.

The consumer research company asked more than 1000 New Zealanders -- 25 per cent of whom were born overseas -- via an online questionnaire which qualities they thought best reflected their identity as a Kiwi and what made them most proud of their country.


It found those living in Auckland were a little different from the rest of the country. They're more likely to see themselves as outdoorsy, innovative and be proud of the country's cultural diversity. But they think of themselves as a little less friendly.

Aucklanders also care about the environment 8 per cent more than Kiwis generally, the firm's chief executive Jacqueline Farman said.

"What is a little surprising is that even among those born in New Zealand, Aucklanders are slightly less likely than others to strongly identify themselves as Kiwis," she said.

However, Aucklanders are 4 per cent more proud of the country's cultural diversity.

It also seem Aucklanders want to live in the big city -- 55 per cent would stay put if cost of living and employment opportunities were equal throughout the country. But only 14 per cent of those living elsewhere in New Zealand would move to the big smoke.

And the biggest barrier to New Zealand's success? Kiwis think it's the high cost of living, especially in Auckland where 60 per cent see this as holding the long white cloud back from its full potential.

What makes a Kiwi?

Percentage who see a quality as reflecting their identity as a New Zealander:

Friendly - 79 per cent

Proud - 74 per cent

Can-do attitude - 73 per cent

Care about the environment - 68 per cent

Easygoing/ laid-back - 67 per cent

Determined - 67 per cent

Outdoorsy - 64 per cent

Versatile - 63 per cent

Open minded - 61 per cent

Innovative - 60 per cent

What doesn't make a Kiwi?

Intellectual - 45 per cent

Sophisticated - 14 per cent

What are we most proud of?

Natural beauty - 90 per cent

Easy access to various outdoor pursuits - 84 per cent

Can-do attitude - 71 per cent

Laid-back lifestyle - 68 per cent

Sports achievements - 68 per cent

It's safe - 58 per cent

Equality - 56 per cent

Cultural diversity - 50 per cent

Culture - 48 per cent

Progressive and liberal thinking - 44 per cent

Biggest barriers to New Zealand's success

High cost of living - 53 per cent

Reliance on welfare - 48 per cent

Wide gap in wages - 47 per cent

The Government/ politicians - 41 per cent

Negative attitude towards change - 37 per cent

Lack of job opportunities - 33 per cent

Geographic isolation - 30 per cent

Small population - 30 per cent

Tall poppy syndrome - 29 per cent

Economy - 28 per cent

Lack of self-confidence - 16 per cent

Lack-back attitude - 11 per cent

Most recognised Kiwi hero

Sir Edmund Hilary - 30 per cent

Peter Jackson - 15 per cent

Helen Clark - 14 per cent

Sir Ernest Rutherford - 9 per cent

Kate Sheppard - 6 per cent

John Key - 6 per cent

Richie McCaw - 6 per cent

Sire Peter Blake - 3 per cent

Lorde - 3 per cent