I'm curious about the major earthworks happening around the Brynderwyns. Paul Albert, Papatoetoe.

And, in like vein: Every time we go to Auckland we notice major earthworks adjacent to the highway over the Brynderwyn Hill. Are you able to enlighten us as to the reason behind such a big area, that to us, has no connection to the highway, being cleared? Paula Smith, Auckland.

The $18 million Transport Agency project on the north side of the Brynderwyn Hills, south of Whangarei, is entering its second year.

The project aims to improve safety for road users on this stretch of State Highway 1 and is expected to be completed by early next year.


It includes widening the current road, removing tight corners and installing a wire rope barrier to separate northbound and southbound traffic.

It will also provide a place to stop and admire the tremendous views from the top of the hill over Bream Bay.

At this stage only the northern side of the Brynderwyns is being upgraded, as that is where the most accidents have happened.

NZTA is preparing a Corridor Plan for Auckland to Whangarei that will include a long-term Brynderwyn Hills strategy, also involving improvements to the southern side.