A Mt Eden resident found more than he bargained for on his way home from work yesterday.

Ben Wilson was walking home from his engineering job when he saw a digital camera lying on the verge of a driveway in Rahiri Rd. Surprised, he picked it up and asked the occupants of the house if it was theirs.

When they could offer no clues, Mr Wilson set about trying to re-unite the camera with its owners.

"There are pictures of people parasailing on Christmas day. I could see the name of the company on the side of the boat so I rang them up to see if they knew who they were. I haven't heard back yet," he said.


He wondered if the people in the pictures were tourists or from another country.

"From the time zones on the camera, it looks like they may be from Australia but it's hard to know," he said.

"It would be nice for them to have it back, they might really want the pictures."

Anyone who can help solve the mystery of the missing camera can contact the Herald for further information.