Police in the Manawatu say alcohol-fuelled incidents are ruining family holidays at local camp grounds and they are calling on people to be more responsible.

Officers were called to the Vinegar Hill camp grounds to four incidents last night.

Police were also needed on four different occasions at a campsite in Levin in the past two days.

All of the incidents, which included fighting, assault, dangerous driving and disorderly behaviour, were alcohol-related.


Manawatu area commander, Inspector Sarah Stewart, said police would be working with local government officials to prevent this behaviour happening in future.

"The Vinegar Hill camp ground is spread over two different sites -- one section has a long established and well-run New Year which caused no problems for us.

"It was the small group of intoxicated people in the second site who made it difficult for family groups camping alongside them to enjoy what should have been a lovely night."

Ms Stewart said authorities would work together to prevent incidents at campsites.

"There's been a lot of good work done with partner agencies including councils, event organisers and the hospitality industry to reduce alcohol-related harm. We need to keep that momentum going to also include campsites so that everyone gets to safely enjoy their night."