A man accused of defacing Mediaworks headquarters with expletives and insults has a warrant out for his arrest.

Christian Marcel Cebolledo-Gutierrez, 35, was due to appear in Auckland District Court this morning charged with intentional damage.

Though he was present in the courthouse, he did not appear before a registrar and the court confirmed a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

The graffiti featured anarchy symbolism as well as phrases such as "racist scum", "Paul Henry pice of s***" (sic) and "smash the fash".


TV3 reported the attack was carried out in full view of staff, who said the man was mostly calm "but asked repeatedly why they 'were trying to protect' the broadcaster".

It is alleged police found the defendant at a nearby address.

The incident at the Flower St building came hours after 35-year-old Diego Chavez was found guilty of assaulting controversial presenter Paul Henry on December 2.