A crash in west Auckland left a man trapped in his vehicle after his car tipped and rolled onto its side.

Emergency services were called to Fred Taylor Dr in west Auckland at about 5.45pm where a Mercedes SUV crashed and rolled onto its side.

Northern police communications inspector Cornell Kluessien said it was a single car accident on Fred Taylor Dr near Northside Dr.

A northern ambulance spokesperson confirmed the man was taken to Auckland hospital with moderate injuries.

The scene of the crash. Photo / Daniel Hines
The scene of the crash. Photo / Daniel Hines

Fire services attended the scene to extricate the man from his car, northern fire spokesperson said.

"A specialist rescue truck with rescue equipment responded.

"They used the equipment to extricate the person from the vehicle," he confirmed.

The man was released from his Mercedes vehicle about 15 minutes after fire services arrived on scene, he said.

Mr Kluessien said the road was closed briefly as the vehicle had to be turned up right.

He said the road was re-opened 30 minutes later.

A New Zealand Herald videographer went to the scene after the crash.

He said the driver of the Mercedes had crashed in a driveway of a house.


"It looked like he had gone through a wire fence and rolled over and hit a tree," he said.

He said there was considerable damage to the car.

"There were [car] bits lying all over the road," he said.

However northern police communications spokesperson said the driver didn't hit a tree.