Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has announced his intention to stand for the Auckland Council in next year's local body elections.

"This Council is broken - it lacks imagination and integrity, and is driven by Len Brown's vanity projects, which will drive Auckland bankrupt," he said in a statement released tonight.

Mr Rankin said he would be basing his election campaign on a "simple five-point plan".

"The five policies are: put an immediate end to the inner-city rail loop, and invest the funds instead on roading.; extend the urban limits of the city to allow the supply of more land for housing. The aim will be for a radical drop in land prices due to a huge supply of residential-zoned land; disband the current Maori statutory board and replace it with a five-member advisory board with a total budget of $150,000... Restore the access to all the volcanic peaks as it existed in 2011 and halt all future cycle lanes, and remove existing ones where they obstruct traffic.


"A bicycle registration system will be introduced so that future cycle lanes will be built when the fund accumulated from cyclist registrations allows for it."

Mr Rankin said Aucklanders were "sick of the Council being dominated by marginal interest groups".

"It's a form of corruption and it has to stop. What Aucklanders are demanding is a return to basics by its Council and that's what I plan to deliver."

Rankin admitted that some of his policies were controversial.

But, he said "tough times call for tough measures."

• This story has been updated from a previous version which incorrectly referred to another David Rankin, former chief executive of Auckland Council Property Limited, running for council.