Armed police searched a vehicle on Bassett Rd in Remuera today after the driver took off from an alcohol testing check point in Parnell.

There was a short pursuit from the Parnell Rise area that ended in Sarawia St this afternoon and armed police were called in to provide support.

Auckland police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty said the vehicle involved in the drive off had a historic alert on it regarding "possible carriage of firearms relating to a person previously connected to the vehicle".

"That person was not in the vehicle today but the police response was in anticipation of him being present," Ms Hegarty said.


Two people were arrested - the driver and the registered owner - for failing to stop for police.

A Newmarket worker tweeted about the incident.

"Gunman in Newmarket told to stay inside office! Yikes," he said.

The incident was now resolved.