The four-year-old girl found dead in her Onehunga home has been remembered by her grandparents as "Angel Maggie".

Maggie Renee Watson died in unexplained circumstances in the home she lived in with her mother on August 6.

Today she was farewelled by around 50 mourners at St Marks Catholic Church in Pakuranga, but without her parents.

Her mother Evelyn Sen was not in attendance, she has been in the care of Auckland DHB since the day she reported the death of Maggie.


Her father lives in England. Police are still investigating whether the death is suspicious or not, after post-mortem tests failed to provide any clear answers.

Her Malaysian grandparents Clifford and Pat Sen could not attend the funeral, but wrote a eulogy that was read by the priest. Her grandparents said Maggie was intelligent, compassionate and never shy.

"She could sense when you were sad or troubled, and would ask you if she could hug you.

"She would engage with strangers and smile and talk to anyone with ease, her grandparents said."

Why you had to leave us so soon I guess we will never understand.

"We will miss you tremendously."

Neighbour and close family friend Des Gilmore helped to organise the funeral and spoke of "beloved little Maggie" and her constant smile.

Maggie loved to watch the Disney movie Cars and would come to visit Mr Gilmore when she heard his car pull in the driveway. He spoke of his regret that he never took Maggie out for a drive.

"It breaks my heart knowing that she isn't going to get that opportunity to go and do that with me," he said. His wife Kim also spoke about Maggie, saying she was a "girlie girl".

"She was adorable. She loved Dora the Explorer, Happy Feet, and of course the latest craze Frozen."

"She adored her mum and her mum adored her," Mrs Gilmore said.

She said Maggie was like "a beam of sunshine on a winter's day". Family from Malaysia spoke of their despair at being separated from Maggie and her mother "suddenly and due to unforeseen circumstances".

"There is no way to make it seem right, fair or easy," they said.

A small white coffin with a portrait of Maggie sat at the front of the church surrounded by dozens of animal stuffed toys.

The coffin was carried from the church while music from the movie Frozen played. Families from different churches in Auckland that Maggie and her mother attended were among those present at the funeral.