A service station attendant is recovering from stab wounds and a dairy-owner has had a sleepless night thinking of how to protect his family after two aggravated robberies targeting cigarettes over the weekend.

A service station attendant was stabbed in the head, face, and arm during a robbery Levin police called "vicious and callous".

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The offender, who obscured their face with a bandanna, stabbed the male attendant at Mobil Oxford St and stole cigarettes before fleeing the scene.


The robbery happened at 4am and the attendant is recovering at Palmerston North Hospital from injuries that were not life threatening.

A dairy-owner was robbed at gunpoint at the Nancy Ave dairy in Mairehau, Christchurch yesterday morning.

Bankhaj Patel owns the dairy, which has now been robbed violently twice.

This time, Mr Patel thinks the offender waited for a moment when his wife was alone in the shop before coming in with a gun.

Police are looking to identify this person in connection with the Levin robbery. Photo / Supplied
Police are looking to identify this person in connection with the Levin robbery. Photo / Supplied

"He came in wearing a mask... he pointed the gun to my wife, asked for ciggies and just walked away."

Mr Patel was out of the shop but not far away and called police when he returned.

"We are all okay... that's the main thing."

"I keep thinking... how can I protect myself and my family. I have two kids... I couldn't sleep last night."


The male offender took some money, but not much, Mr Patel said.

"They took a [tobacco] pouch because it's more worthwhile. That's what they target in all dairies," he said.

Mr Patel said the dangers that come with owning a dairy have increased since the last time the dairy was robbed more than five years ago.

"It's going to get more risky every year, I can see that."

Mairehau has been a safe community, Mr Patel said, but this incident made him doubt the security of the neighbourhood.

"People have to think twice before they do nasty things."

On Friday, three men, one armed with a screwdriver, robbed a liquor store in Taupo.

The group threatened the store worker and took off with money, cigarettes and alcohol.