Review may lift liquor bans at more than 1,000 Auckland picnic spots.

Aucklanders could soon be able to enjoy a beer or a wine legally while picnicking at Takapuna Beach.

The popular location - which boasts million-dollar views of the Hauraki Gulf, including Rangitoto Island - is among more than 1,100 locations in the City of Sails that could have existing booze bans revoked later this year.

The move comes after higher thresholds set by the Government under the Local Government Act 2010.

From November 1 liquor bans will only be reissued in areas notorious for alcohol-related crime and disorder, or where residents can mount a strong case for dry-zone restrictions to remain.


At least 1,118 public spaces could have liquor bans binned, including Takapuna Beach and other idyllic locations in multimillion-dollar suburbs such as the North Shore's Narrow Neck, Milford and Cheltenham Beaches, and Herne Bay Beach.

A daytime alcohol ban could also be waived at the annual Pasifika event at Western Springs, and rules will be relaxed at several parks and reserves.

The potential changes may please Aucklanders wanting to enjoy a tipple at a beach picnic, but local boards are calling on residents to lodge submissions of opposition.

Takapuna-Devonport local board member Dianne Hale described Takapuna Beach as a "jewel in our crown" and said it should remain booze free.

"It's an amazing beach and very popular in the day and evening," Hale told the Herald on Sunday.

"We don't want to see our most precious environmental features damaged or our citizens' lives disturbed."

Under the new changes the current booze ban areas within the Takapuna-Devonport board catchment could drop from 33 to three.

Those caught with alcohol at a banned zone face a police-issued $250 spot fine.


Hale hoped residents would campaign against the possible change.

"It's up to the public to come forward with examples of problems," she said.

"We've certainly raised a few ourselves, but at this stage, they're not sufficient to retain the bylaws."

Auckland's 21 local boards are in the process of a compulsory review of the bans.

Howick stands to be most affected, with 194 liquor bans set to drop to 14.

Local board chairman David Collings said his executive had moved to lock in what few renewals could be justified with police statistics and is also hoping for public input to retain other dry zones.

"We're not happy or comfortable with it [the possible reductions]. But, we do understand Government's desire to have an evidence-based rationale for it," Collings said.

"We're asking the public to help identify further areas where they feel there's a necessity for bans.

"But it has to be evidence based."

The public submission process will open between June 19 and July 17.

An Auckland Council spokeswoman said submissions should be evidential and attributed to "alcohol and specific to an existing alcohol ban area and might include litter, broken bottles, general disorder, excessive noise, or intimidation that occurs on a regular basis".

The alcohol bylaw review is part of 158 bylaws being reviewed since the amalgamation of the Auckland Super City.