The driver of a stolen car who led police on a 28km chase at speeds of up to about 160kmh was remanded in custody when he appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday.

Shaun Evans (21), unemployed, of Burnham, admitted unlawfully taking the car, possessing an instrument for conversion and three driving charges.

The pursuit began just north of Waikouaiti about 10.15am on December 23 and ended at Waitati after the vehicle was driven over road spikes, the court heard yesterday.

Evans told police he did not stop because he had no licence and had been drinking and knew he would be ''over'', police prosecutor Stewart Sluis said.


On the unlawful taking, possessing instruments and driving charges (disqualified, reckless, and failing to stop for police), Evans was remanded in custody by Judge Kevin Phillips for sentence on February 24.

And on two other charges (unlawfully taking a $4000 vehicle, and driving while disqualified, at Christchurch on December 10), he was remanded without plea to February 10. Mr Sluis said Evans was driving a $3000 Subaru on State Highway 1 just north of Waikouaiti about 10.15am on December 23.

The vehicle had been unlawfully taken from Christchurch overnight on December 22. Evans accelerated away from a police vehicle with its siren and lights activated. Driving in Waikouaiti streets, trying to lose police, Evans reached speeds of about 140kmh in Edinburgh St.

Back on State Highway 1, heading south, his speed was about 140kmh in a 100kmh zone.

Near the Waikouaiti River bridge, Evans caught up with a heavy motor vehicle towing a trailer.

He passed the truck on the bridge. And, at the end of the bridge, the driver of an oncoming vehicle towing a trailer had to brake and stop to avoid colliding with him.

Continuing south and travelling at about 160kmh, Evans suddenly braked hard near McGrath Rd, causing police to also brake hard to avoid a collision.

Near the White Rd intersection, travelling at about 160kmh, Evans braked and slowed to a stop. The patrol car stopped and as the constable prepared to get out, Evans suddenly reversed and rammed the front of the car.


He then sped off, again reaching speeds of about 160kmh. Near the intersection with Manse Rd, Waitati, tyres on the Subaru were punctured when Evans drove over road spikes.

He continued driving and, near Harvey St, the car crossed the centre line and travelled for about 100m, resulting in several vehicles having to take evasive action.

After driving about 2km with deflated tyres, Evans pulled to a stop and was arrested. The full distance of the pursuit was about 28km.

The constable whose vehicle was rammed was not injured. Searched at the roadside, Evans had in his jeans pocket a modified fork typically used in conversion.

Tested and found to have a breath-alcohol level of 400mcg, he was issued with an infringement notice.