A former National MP declared "the law's an ass" after appearing in court this morning over allegations of breaching a name suppression order.

The brief Waitakere District Court hearing saw the man, who was self-represented, remanded without plea for "consideration of charges" for a couple of weeks.

He was asked by police whether he wanted to pursue name suppression for himself but he declined.

It is alleged he breached a suppression order regarding the case of a well-known New Zealander in an online posting he made last month.


NZME. News Service has chosen not to name the ex-MP because to do so would make the organisation complicit in helping to identify the well-known New Zealander.

The case attracted significant attention after the well-known New Zealander pleaded guilty to performing an indecent act after an incident in 2011. He was later discharged without conviction and given permanent name suppression.

Outside court today, the former MP said his posting came about because of the media's portrayal of a cricketer.

"It was really in response to how you guys were dogging on Jesse Ryder and this is a guy who hasn't done anything illegal. And then somebody else gets off scot-free," he said.

"In my mind when you're talking about justice and you're talking about fairness, to me that's not fair."

He stressed he was not leading a "crusade" against suppression laws but said they should be reviewed to place more weight on the victims' views.

"I think the law's an ass, quite frankly," he said.

"If the victim was saying 'please don't' [name the defendant], then I wouldn't have."

He said he was unsure whether he would defend the charge.