Stories making headlines around the regions today include a boatie recalls the moment his fishing trip turned into a rescue mission and tiny Toby's birthday wish.

The Rotorua boatie who plucked four men from Lake Rotorua may have been just moments away from saving William Rouppe van der Voort.

When twins Toby and Finn Dale turn four next month, their parents Jacquie and Tim will have just one wish when they help their sons blow out the candles on their birthday cake: that tiny Toby will grow up to be as strong and healthy as his brother.

The bird recovery centre are used to dealing with kiwi, tui and other birds. But, in a rare occasion, a bat arrived.


Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule offered to dig into his own pocket yesterday to settle a council property transaction.

A mother of seven has been refused bail after a major undercover drugs operation in which police seized methamphetamine worth up to $60,000

A Masterton dairy and bottle store owner charged with receiving 358 bottles of stolen wine, says he thought he was buying it from a legitimate wine rep.

There is anger among local businesses as the last bank in Bulls is likely set to close.

Finally, Auckland schoolkids joined forces with police officers, NZ Fire Service, and St John staff to write safety messages in the sand to drivers ahead of the Christmas holidays.