New decile ratings for schools across the country have been released by the Ministry of Education today.

More than 2400 state and state-integrated schools had their decile rating recalculated following last year's Census.

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Over the past two weeks the ministry had contacted all schools to inform them of their new ranking, Deputy Secretary for student achievement Graham Stoop said.


"For those schools who have had a reduction in funding, we have also explained that this time there will be an 18-month transition before the changes take full effect," he said.

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"Decile ratings, which take into account five different factors that measure disadvantage in a school community, aren't perfect. But at the moment they are the best tool we have to make sure that the schools in greatest need get extra resources for their students."

There were several reasons a school's position in the decile ratings may change, he said, including: a change in the mixture of students attending a school; a change in circumstances of the community children come from; a change in the school community's position in relation to all other schools in New Zealand.

"We will be working closely with schools to give them any support they need to adjust to changes," Mr Stoop said.

"It's important to remember a school's decile rating does not reflect the quality of education a school provides. The quality of teaching and leadership at a school are the most important factors in lifting student achievement."

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