Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue says she will meet with state services commissioner Iain Rennie before Christmas to discuss how Roger Sutton's resignation was handled.

Dr Blue, a former National Party MP, has been critical of the way sexual harassment claims against the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) boss were dealt with.

She told TV One's Q&A programme Mr Rennie shared some of her concerns in a chat the the pair had on Friday.

"I know that he has briefed all the CEOs...and instilled in them that they must have guidance that's accessible to all staff on what is unacceptable behaviour and that complaints should be investigated in a safe, appropriate way which is completely fair and impartial."


Dr Blue told the programme she and others were "horrified" at how the case unfolded and how Mr Sutton was able to publicly discuss his side of events while a complainant was bound by confidentiality.

She said Mr Sutton was able to "trivialise" the issue at a joint press conference with Mr Rennie. "The fact is we must not let this happen again and some good has to come out of this."

Labour Party leader Andrew Little told the Q&A programme Iain Rennie was "unfit" to do the job.