A man who attacked a police officer trying to protect women involved in a mass, late-night brawl has been jailed for a year.

Abony Mandela Fidow, 24, was one of several revellers who had been drinking in a Glen Innes bar to the early hours of April 17.

When the drunken crowd spilled on to Apirana Ave, a fight broke out on the forecourt of the nearby Mobil service station.

Police were called but the first there, Sergeant Andrew Meale, found himself vastly outnumbered and radioed for backup.


He was going to wait for other units to respond but saw a women being assaulted by four others in the melee so intervened.

Mr Meale was punched in the face as he tried to help and his attacker left the scene.

As he recovered, he went to the aid of another woman in trouble but was confronted aggressively by two of Fidow's friends.

The officer managed to incapacitate one with pepper spray and his Taser stun gun but took another punch in the process.

While pursuing the pair, Fidow saw him gaining on his friends and gave chase himself.

He grabbed Mr Meale's stab-proof vest from behind, causing him to overbalance and fall into a nearby trailer.

The victim was knocked unconscious for several minutes and sustained two cuts to his face.

He was hospitalised but released later the same day.


Fidow, a father of two, subsequently pleaded guilty to wounding with reckless disregard and breaching the sentence of supervision he was supposed to be serving at the time.

His lawyer Frank Pereira said his client's recklessness was at the lower end of the scale and argued for a sentence of community work and further supervision.

But Judge David Sharp said the offending had to be met by a term of imprisonment in the interests of deterrence and denunciation.

He commended Fidow for the efforts he had made at addressing his alcohol issues but would not consider an electronically-monitored sentence.

"This policeman was not only doing his duty, he was coming to the aid of people under attack. He deserved assistance, not to be attacked," he said.

The court heard how the officer still suffered back pain and headaches since the incident.