Stories making headlines around the regions include a paraplegic sailor who has returned home after a 12,000km journey and a New Zealander with the best job in the world.

Historically, sailors are known to be superstitious folk - this paraplegic sailor from Tauranga talks about his "cursed" solo voyage across the Pacific.

This man claims to have the best job in the world. Click here to see if you agree.

One of New Zealand's youngest burglars, known in the region as the 'cat burglar', has owned up to his crime in Masterton yesterday after CCTV images of the burglary went viral online.


Thinking about your 60th birthday bash? This Whangarei teacher is celebrating hers in an unconventional manner in Nepal.

Meanwhile, Napier residents were mystified about a large and noisy visitor who was nowhere to be seen - until one resident encountered it in his chicken coop.

If you liked the 'timewarp' you will love the Riff Raff square. Read here about the 'rocky' revitalisation of Hamilton's Embassy Park.

As part of Conservation Week 2014 (1-9 November), Auckland Zoo is encouraging people to 'discover the world where you live'.

And finally, if you like to immerse yourself in New Zealand's multi-cultural scene, head to Wanganui this weekend for The Festival of Cultures.