There was a lot of disappointment on Twitter following last night's election result.

Kiwi songstress Anika Moa (@Anika_Moa) wrote "Night night Aotearoa. I'll be having some real good nightmares about starving kids and melting ice caps tonight."

Ceara (@CearaProut) wrote, "I propose a new movement: 'Worried Everyday NZer's Against Govt' WENAG....And we Nag them till they resign from Govt... #nzpol'"

Comedian Raybon Kan (@RaybonKan) wrote; "Seriously?!? After all the revelations in Dirty Politics etc...Slytherin got even *more* votes?!?"


And comedian Dai Henwood (@DaiHenwood) commented on Kim Dotcom's role in the election; "Wow, Dotcom managed to hurt the Maori vote and the Left vote. Moment of Douche"

There were some cheerful #TeamKey supporters.

Jonah Lomu @JONAHTALILOMU wrote, "Come on people National is what this country needs @johnkeypm is the man yes when the dust settles he stands true. #teamkey #vote2014nz

Paolo Alejandro @pa0pao2 wrote, "If you can keep the nation in surplus in this economy then you deserve to run the country. Well done to national!! #decision14 #TeamKey

Quirky election trends

There were some funny moments watching the live coverage of the election.

1. #Wagawu - Top of my list was 3 News political editor Patrick Gower referring to the "wagawu" beef being served at the National Party HQ.
It's one he won't forget: @patrickgowernz "Apparently its Wagyu"

2. Tova O'Brien - 3 News political reporter - attempted to interview Winston Peters, closely following him all the way to the elevator. Winston: "Tova, behave yourself" Tova: "No, you behave. Answer the question."
Taika Waititi found it amusing: "That Tova - Winston elevator scene was the best thing of the night."

3. Laila's Moment of Truth. As Laila Harre arrived, TV3's Rebecca Wright (@rebeccawright) asked the pertinent question. "Is this the moment of truth, Laila?"


Rob Hosking (@robhosking) tweeted: "Is *this* the moment of truth, Laila?" @rebeccawright does the Mean Girl thing brilliantly.

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