Internet-Mana Party press secretary Pam Corkery offered to resign after swearing at journalists at the party's launch at the weekend, but she says she won't apologise to the reporters.

Corkery rounded on media at the launch of the party on Sunday when questions were asked about the party's founder Kim Dotcom's involvement in historic computer hacking.

She told them to "piss off".

"We've talked about jobs today and people living in poverty. You want to interview Kim, who did say no interviews, about a 19-year-old story," she said.


"You work in news you puffed up little s***."

Today, Corkery said that immediately after the incident she apologised to party co-leader Laila Harre.

"I offered to Laila to resign. [She said] 'don't be silly'.

"We're worried about young people not voting - in the big list of things that are happening this is not one of them that we worry about," she said.

"There will be no apology to the media, I've apologised to Laila Harre, who I work for."

Meanwhile, RadioLive presenter Sean Plunket has apologised to 3News political editor Patrick Gower after Gower was tricked into coming on air and then ambushed with questions on Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics.

At the start of his 9am show today, Plunket said Gower was tricked into coming on-air on Friday "under false pretenses".

He suggested Gower knew about the book in advance, and in particular the material relating to Justice Minister Judith Collins, despite having no evidence to support the claims.

"I apologise for any comments I made that have undermined Patrick's professional reputation," Plunket said.