Labour turned its sights on the grey vote with plans including pay parity for nurses and caregivers who look after older people, and the creation of specially tailored care plans for the elderly.

That complements the earlier promises of a minimum wage rise and free doctors' visits for people aged 65 and over. David Cunliffe turned up at a rest home to announce his policy - most wanted to talk Dirty Politics but he battled to stay on his Vote Positive message.

Elsewhere, the Greens kicked off the week announcing a top tax rate of 40 per cent for those earning above $140,000, which they say will generate close to $1 billion to tackle child poverty. It's not about penalising the rich, they spent the week saying.

A quiet week for National on policy as John Key spent his time fending off questions about Dirty Politics. Expect that to change today at the party's campaign launch in Manukau.