Police are looking into a complaint made by Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater over the hacking of his computer.

They are assessing his emailed complaint, and a complaint by the Green Party, with a view towards launching an investigation, and are expected to release a statement on the matter.

The Herald has been told assistant commissioner Malcolm Burgess is involved in the assessment.

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Mr Burgess has previously overseen politically sensitive investigations, including the "Paintergate" inquiry, which saw Prime Minister Helen Clark investigated for signing a painting she did not create.

He also investigated last election's Teapot Tapes.

The information hacked from Slater's computer formed the backbone of Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics, which painted a picture of a National government which used right wing blogs to carry out attack politics.

Police minister Anne Tolley said she was not aware of a complaint from Slater.

"I can't get involved in police operations or how they deal with complaints, and I would expect any claim of illegal activity on any matter to be properly looked at."

Despite some media reports, Mr Burgess is not "investigating" any complaints.

Police have so far received two complaints. Those include one from Mr Slater and another from a political party.

The complaints are being coordinated through the Office of the Assistant Commissioner Investigations at PNHQ, which is acting as a central point to collect any complaints, before being assigned to the appropriate staff for follow up.

Police will be making no further comment while these matters are being assessed.

How long the process may take is unknown.

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