The hacker who took years of Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater's communications has reached out from behind the pages of Dirty Politics and promised further revelations.

The first contact came a week ago, shortly after author Nicky Hager announced he had a new book coming.

It was made through encrypted email and sought a journalist's pledge of source protection.

It wasn't until Sunday night the Herald was able to confirm the person was genuine - they provided details which matched with information gathered from other sources.


And then came the first "dump", as the hacker called it.

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Four years of Slater's email communications with an ex-prostitute were made available for download from the filesharing site

The hacker community is notorious for its mischievous humour - the choice of Mega was practical as the only cloud storage offering user-based encryption but would also drive theories among some that its founder Kim Dotcom was behind the hacking. Dotcom has denied the claim.

Other in-jokes popped up when the hacker set up the @whaledump Twitter account, from which he said he would release further information.

It called itself "a wholly pnwed subsidary of C&M Ltd" - the "pwned" being hacker-speak for using computer skills to dominate an opponent and C&M Ltd being the title of a chapter in Hager's book, Chaos and Mayhem Ltd.

Further hacker-humour could be found in the encryption key - it resolved to Winston Peters' Parliamentary email address.

The hacker dumped information online.


Then the person emailed the only public comment they intend to make, denying political motivation but a desire to "take down this corrupt network".

"My next batch of leaks will prove this."