A former Mount Maunganui lifeguard has been hailed as a hero after he helped to save the life of a toddler found face-down in the ocean in the UK.

Steven Gregory has been congratulated by the Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service after reports of the rescue in England.

Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service general manager Glenn Bradley said Mr Gregory was an English lifeguard who patrolled Bay beaches with the Mount service over the past two summers.

Mr Bradley said Mr Gregory followed the summer season between England and New Zealand, working as a lifeguard in both countries.


Mr Gregory was featured by an English media website at Perranporth, England, after he saved the life of a toddler found face down in the water.

"The two-year-old girl was pulled unconscious from the sea on Sunday afternoon and RNLI lifeguards on duty on the beach were able to administer first aid and save the girl's life," the West Briton article reported.

Steven was reported saying it was a rare case but one he was very happy to see a positive outcome from.

"She was breathing and we immediately got some oxygen on to her and once her airway was maintained she started to recover. She began to be sick and started to cry - all positive signs," he said.

"An incident like this is something you rarely see and we are pleased it had a good outcome."

Mr Bradley said it was great to see Mr Gregory saving lives across the world.

"It's great. Those guys are committed to all-year-round surf lifesaving.

"We're always really proud of our lifeguards," he said.


Mr Gregory was one of a few exchange lifeguards who had been patrolling at Mount Maunganui over the past few years.

As well as working as a volunteer lifeguard, Mr Gregory was one of a few paid regional lifeguards at Mount Maunganui and a competitive surf athlete.

Mr Bradley said Mr Gregory was a valued member of the team.